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Official Firefox Extension

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When was launched a little over a week ago, it was accompanied by both a Greasemonkey script and a Chrome extension.

This was made very simple thanks to the fact that the structure of Greasemonkey scripts and Chrome extensions are very similar. However, this left me with a few small problems.

  1. A good number of Firefox users wanting to use my extensions had no idea what Greasemonkey was.
  2. There is no really decent way to handle automatic updating of Greaemonkey scripts… meaning there isn’t a good way to migrate my users forward as the site evolves.

Combined, these two factors create an unacceptable situation for my Firefox users, so I’m happy to announce that there is now a dedicated extension for Firefox!

As a result of this switch, the greasemonkey script should be considered deprecated and unmaintained. No further updates to the Greasemonkey script will be made.

The Firefox extension can be found at: and is the preferred method for enhancing your experience in Firefox.

The Chrome extension, as always, can be found at: