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Ridin' on Rails

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Well I’ve fallen in love.

I’ve spent the last week planning development of

Final conclusion? is obsolite. The functionality can and should be worked into

So I’ve started a redesign of and managed to develop a simple layout that I think I can finally be happy with. As a part of this redesign, the site will be reworked from a simple PHP app, into a bit more robust Ruby on Rails application.

As a part of this process, as can be imagined, I’ve learned quite a bit more about Ruby and Rails. I’ve spent the last few weeks frequenting the Rochester on Rails users group, and can’t help but getting more and more excited. Such a powerful and easy to understand language, combined with such a balanced framework like Rails is a dream to work in.

I do have a development schedule for this rework, but that will stay my little secret for now.

I can’t wait to see how this goes.