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Experts Exchange Part 2

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It would seem that Experts Exchange has changed their free access strategy. Where they would once display the normal solutions to a question hidden under a weak rot13 encryption, they have finally chosen to hide the articles all out unless one signs up for an account.

I for one welcome the change. Since it was their intention to only provide answers to registered users in the first place, moving away from obfuscated text helps clarify the site’s goals.

As a result of this site change I’ve been asked by a number of anonymous visitors to my site to rewrite my script to fetch the answers to an article so they don’t have to log in. I would like to make it clear that given the sites new design, that a script to display the answers is no longer possible. As such no effort will be put forth to do so.

Sorry to anybody who had their hopes up, but you can’t un-hide what isn’t there.