Me, myself, and my code.

Continuations: What is the deal?

07 September 2007

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed what I consider to be an interesting trend. It has become almost impossible for me to browse for technical reading on the internet, or partake in a technical discussion, without someone mentioning continuations. In general, I welcome any discussion, and discussion of continuations is no different. The implementation of continuations intrigues me, and I’m curious about how useful they will turn out to be. I’ve even been known to suggest that continuations could be used to make code smaller and easier to write.

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Experts Exchange Encryption

10 August 2007

NOTE: The methods listed below are no longer necessary! Experts Exchange has moved to providing the answers in plain text at the bottom of the page. Just look past the first set of “answers”, past the advertisements and link farm, and you’ll see them.

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