Me, myself, and my code.

Working on transmission

02 May 2007

Working on transmission we had something which to us looked correct. However tonight we realized that it was only “correct” looking by a double fluke error in our code. In trying to fix the problem we’ve found error after error in our transmission algorithm we’re working to fix.

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Reflection | noitcelfeR

23 April 2007

Our raytracer has been significantly expanded. First, we added reflection, which was cool… but everything looked like glass balls. Second, we added distributed rays for reflections which gave us wonderful blurry reflectionsThird, we applied this distribution to shadow calculations to get ourselves some soft shadows. Finally, we added simple pre-rendering of a rotation around a scene using a distance from to position a point a distancefrom our camera to rotate around.

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wmain vs _tmain

18 April 2007

Once again I find myself awake at 1:00am perusing my site access logs. Tonight I noticed something particularly interesting.. a decent number of people coming to my site visited the site in reference to the search query “wmain vs _tmain”.

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