Me, myself, and my code.

A StarCraft II User Ranking site for Reddit

The Game

Back in the Summer of 2010 Blizzard’s iconic real time strategy game rebooted in its first sequel, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Being a long time fan of the real time strategy genre, and Blizzard’s games in general, I had to pick it up. I quickly found myself engrossed in the stragegy and skill based gameplay, the nostalgic gameplay, and the budding videogame community surrounding the game.

One particular community, the Reddit community in the /r/starcraft subreddit, caught and kepy my attention. I found myself checking the site multiple times a day. Fellow StarCraft fans would discuss StarCraft and StarCraft II in depth and would share innovative new strategies and techniques as they were discovered.

The Project

An existing solution for combining Starcraft II rankings with the reddit community left me wanting, so I developed what I thought was a better integration.

Read more about the project at the original two blog posts:

  1. beta launch
  2. Official Firefox Extension

The Site Then and Now

The site was adopted by users faster than I had expected and resulted in a higher than anticipated hosting bill. It was serving thousands of active users per month and hundreds of thousands of rank requests per week. As one might expect, rank request, and API caching followed relatively quickly as the highest priorty features for the site.

Site support ended in 2015 when automatic rank updates were disabled and the dynamic site was converted to a static copy to support the few remaining plugin users.

Today I maintain the domain and the static site as a fun reminder of a project completed.