Me, myself, and my code.

One step forward, two steps back

13 May 2006

It would seem that as I get more and more excited about my website projects I get further and further behind on their development. At least I have been keeping busy, my class projects have made sure of that. Luckily for me it’s only a short number of weeks before my summer begins.

I will be returning to work, and have a bit more time than I have over the past ten weeks to work on my own projects.

For the curious out there, here are the projects I’ve completed or will be completing as part of my school work for this quarter.

OpenGL Experiments:

A series of experiments in OpenGL aimed to help me learn basic 2D and 3D graphics programming using OpenGL. Works so far include a basic 2D scene, a basic solar system simulation, and a Bezier curve generator, an implementation of Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm, as well as the Liang-Barsky line clipping algorithm. Nothing too flashy.

Database Concepts Example Database:

A simulation of a database and front end for the “Pleasentville Community Theater Group”. This fictional theater group provided us with a basic outline for their database needs, from which we extracted likely use cases, a software requirements spec, and developed an E-R Diagram. From there the database was implemented on an Oracle 9i server with an application interface written in Java using Swing and JDBC.

Ad-Hoc Networked File Storage:

My personal favorite. Developed for class as an example of our further understanding of Ad-Hoc networking practices. Imagine a storage solution where upgrading total storage is as simple as plugging in another drive. The drives connect and share storage automatically, and clients can connect and store data on the drives as one single unit using an FTP like interface. Not exactly fast due to collisions and speed limitations of 802. 11b/g wireless, but fun to develop. This solution makes extensive use of Professor Alan Kaminski’s M2MI library for Java. A nifty library for ad-hoc networking in Java.