Stage 1 is completed.

"> Stage 1 is completed.

"> Stage 1 is completed.

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Me, myself, and my code. Stage 1 Release!

09 July 2006

Well, Stage 1 is completed.

Now with 100% more Web 2.0!

This means that the layout is finalized, the navigation works, and the javascript is almost where I want it.

In addition the application degrades gracefully, so those of us with old browsers can still navigate just fine.

(Don’t believe me? Turn off javascript and see for yourself!)

I welcome comments on the design and layout, but please keep comments about color preferences to yourself. Keep in mind though that while all suggestions will be considered very few if any will be implemented.

On my plate for Stage 2 release are the following items (In order of importance):

  1. Automated testing for application controllers and models
  2. Further testing into accessability compliance
  3. XHTML 1. 0 Strict testing
  4. Modified admin UI to make my own life easer
  5. Support for categories in the projects page.
  6. Update the projects page with all of my projects up to date. now with 100% more Web 2.0!