Me, myself, and my code.

A Plethora of Summer Projects

09 July 2007

As is always the case, when I’m not studying, I’m working on my own little projects.

Last summer I set up this blog, developed my resume website, and learned Ruby. This summer I have my eyes set on something a little bit loftier.

Near the end of last summer I broke down and purchased a Nintendo DS. Rumored to stand for “developers system” I purchased the console for five very distinct reasons.

  1. New Super Mario Brothers (A new 2D side scrolling Mario game?! I’m in!)
  2. Mario Kart DS. (Mario Kart in your pocket! Who could say no!)
  3. Tetris DS. (Fit the blocks into rows… the 8bit music compels you!)
  4. The prospect of a new Zelda game (Still waiting for this to come out.)
  5. Homebrew Nintendo DS Development

That’s right, you read the last one correctly. Ever since I saw one of my friends complete his Computer Graphics 2 coursework on a Game Boy Advance I’ve wanted to write something for a Nintendo video game system. On one of my various expeditions onto the internet I stumbled across which in turn pointed me to a whole host of homebrew Nintendo DS development resources. Well, 70 dollars of development hardware later I have a working homebrew Nintendo DS SDK.

Now it would be a shame to go through all that trouble to get my SDK working and not do anything with it, right?

Well as it would happen, I’ve had an idea for a console game which would work very nicely on a Nintendo DS! All I needed was the time, and the incentive. Now that I’m working full time again, I have quite a few weekday nights where I won’t be working on school projects! As for incentive, if I manage to complete this game maybe I’ll become famous! (Unlikely… but as good an incentive as any.)

As the weeks go on you should be able to find an ever growing number of posts about my progress in developing this game, as well as a chronicle of the things I’ll learn as I do my best to develop a Nintendo DS game.

Here goes nothing!