Me, myself, and my code.

Font sizing, the constant battlefield

05 July 2006

There has been constant debate amongst myself and some of my other web loving friends as to the correct solution for cross browser and platform font sizing. For the longest time I swore that fonts in IE seemed a step smaller than the fonts in my beloved KHTML and Gecko based browsers. Finally I’ve found a story to confirm my suspicions. It would seem that internet explorer renders default text as text size small as opposed to medium as defined in the CSS-1 spec.

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One step forward, two steps back

13 May 2006

It would seem that as I get more and more excited about my website projects I get further and further behind on their development. At least I have been keeping busy, my class projects have made sure of that. Luckily for me it’s only a short number of weeks before my summer begins.

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Get Legal

04 May 2006

I’ve just been clued into a new(?) advertising campaign created by my personal favorite word processing software producer

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