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Foxnight. net is dead... anybody want it?

17 August 2007

Oh no! You killed it!

When I purchased my first domain I had a nifty idea for a particularly useful and exciting web application. It was to be the be-all and end-all of all my internet needs.

Then I realized that my idea sucked harder than a vacuum.

Since then the domain has been sitting around gathering dust, and generally wasting space. People have suggested that I sell the domain, but I’ve decided to just give it to the first person to  give me a good reason why it should be theirs.

How can I get it from you?

  • First, you need whatever the transfer costs for your registrar.
  • Second, you need a good reason why you should be the lucky one to own Foxnight. net.

Ok, so the reason doesn’t have to be amazing. Your reason just needs to beat the many “because I want it” reasons I’ve been receiving.

Want to do something good with the domain? Going to start a business? Want to own your first domain and think it sounds neat?

Let me know!

Contact me via my e-mail address at coderjoe[squiggily-a] with your reason, and if I like it we’ll get the transfer process started.

I’ll leave this post up for as long as it takes to catch someones interest.  Once the domain has a new owner I’ll note it at the top of this post.