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GoGeocode PHP Library Release

26 February 2008

Over the past two months or so I’ve been playing with an old pet project of mine that I tend to peck away at when I can’t think of a better to work on.

As part of this project I found myself needing to do a massive amount of geocoding in PHP.

After searching through the various PHP based geocoding libraries online I came to notice that none of them seemed to make use of the APIs ability to return multiple points as well as informational data about each point.

Thus GoGeocode was born.

GoGeocode is an extremely small set of classes for use in querying both the Google and Yahoo geocoding APIs.

I’ve released the code under the MIT License and posted the code at

Take and enjoy!

Update: The GoGeocode page has been updated with a description, example use case, and a tar.gz archive of the gogeocode-0.1 release tag from SVN.